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Tianshan Mountain divides Area into two worlds

A province with both Europe-Like landscape and the world's largest mobile desert.

  Xinjiang Tours (新疆)

Xinjiang is the largest Chinese administrative division and the eighth largest country subdivision in the world, spanning over 1.6 million km2 (640,000 square miles).This creates a diversity of its geographical and natural features.It is also home to a number of ethnic groups, including the Uyghur, Han, Kazakhs, Tibetans, Hui, Tajiks, Kyrgyz, Mongols and Russians.

  Southern Xinjiang , drought and sufficient sunshine have created the best commodity fruit in China.

The main melody of the south of the Tianshan Mountains is the desert. On the edge of the desert, the Uighur city in the oasis ,called Kashgar, you seem to have come to North Africa or some Arabic country. You can taste Uighur dishes while browsing the old town of Kashgar. Uyghur cuisine's Signature ingredients include roasted mutton, kebabs, roasted fish, and rice.Because of the Muslim population, the food is predominantly halal.

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